Friday, July 4, 2008



Joe said...

Nice Knots, Rab! I tried to make this knot, but I am stuck and was wondering if you could help. I used the Ashley Book of Knots, followed the diagram. After the initial knot, I am having trouble "following" the rope around a 2nd and 3rd time. The start and end of the knot do not match up! Each time I try, my knot ends up lumpy on one part and does not tighten into a perfect sphere. Have you had this problem? Do you have any suggestions? Should I use three different strands of paracord or just one strand? My email is: THANK YOU for any help you can give me!

rab said...

here is a link that makes globe knots a lot easier to do.
in answer to your question go slow on your first wrap around and evenly space out your cord and when you come to the start of your first wrap do i extra tuck under and bring the cord out along side of the standing end then follow on around for your second wrap and so on,but try and keep the first wrap evenly spaced out. if you go to don sells a handy tool for making globe knots .